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On this page you’ll find notices about recent research and publications in the field of rhetoric and politics. If you have anything you’d like publicized (reviews, books and articles, blogs) send an email to James Martin (j.martin@gold.ac.uk).

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2016: October

There’s been some interesting publications from the US of late: Stanley Fish’s short book, Winning Arguments, came out during the summer and is an enjoyable read. It’s not about rhetoric per se but it focuses upon rhetoric’s central concerns, persuasion and argument. Drawing upon anti-foundational themes that inform much of Fish’s writings (on law and literature for example), it makes the case for argument as a situated practice of judgment-making in various contexts (which form the chapter themes). As he puts it himself: ‘argument is everywhere, argument is unavoidable, argument is interminable, argument is all we have’ (p. 3).

Mark Thompson’s lengthier Enough Said: What’s Gone Wrong with the Language of Politics? came out in September. As you’ll see from the title, it laments the decline of eloquence (a familiar theme since time began) in a media age. I’ve yet to have a close look but let me know if you’ve read it. A review would be very welcome.


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