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The Rhetoric and Politics Specialist Group is a specialist group of the UK Political Studies Association. It was created in 2010 to serve the interests of PSA members with a particular interest in the study of speech and persuasion in political life. We hope to hold regular panels at the PSA Annual Conference at Easter time as well as events outside the conference. The group will convene its annual general meeting at the PSA conference.

The group’s objectives are:

  1. To foster critical research and encourage debates around rhetoric, speech and communication in politics, drawing upon the range of disciplinary approaches in the Social Sciences and Humanities
  2. To facilitate contact between scholars, researchers, practitioners, journalists, and others engaged in reading, writing, analyzing, interpreting and debating rhetoric in public life
  3. To organize workshops, conferences, conference panels and such other events as may facilitate the achievement of objectives 1 and 2

These pages will provide information and documentation for members of the group and those interested in its activities. Keep checking for updates on the group’s progress and plans.

You may also be interested in the International Society for the History of Rhetoric which has local associations in many countries and runs its own journal, Rhetorica.

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