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Panel at PSA 2017


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The Rhetoric and Politics Specialist Group will have a panel at the Glasgow PSA Annual Conference later this year. Here are the details:

Rhetoric and the British Labour Party

Since losing the election in 2010 (and again in 2015), the British Labour Party has found itself drifting away from firm programmatic or ideological moorings. The party’s relation to its intellectual heritage, its styles of leadership and communication, as well as its historic sense of purpose and relation to its support base have become topics of – often sharp – controversy. This panel explores themes in Labour’s rhetorical framing of its own programme, purpose and leadership. Papers will reflect on the way ideas and principles are figured in the party and how past events and recent changes challenge its identity as a political movement.

Chair: Andrew Crines (University of Liverpool)

Discussant: David Moon (University of Bath)


  1. Eunice Goes (Richmond University): Mapping Ideational Change in Political Parties: The accidental life of the idea ‘pre-distribution’ in the Labour Party Under Ed Miliband
  2. Karl Pike (Queen Mary University): The Party has a Life of its Own: Labour’s ethos and its leaders
  3. Judi Atkins (Coventry University): Preaching to the Choir? Rhetoric, Leadership and Labour’s Crisis of Communication

Do come along! See you in Glasgow.


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